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  • Philips produziert kontaktlose Funkchips (RFID-Chips)
  • IBM produziert Systeme zur Videoüberwachung, Gesichtserkennung und Verhaltenskontrolle. IBM bietet außerdem ein umfassendes System zur Überwachung von Reisenden aus dem Ausland an (genannt "Grenzkontrolle vor dem Startpunkt", in Großbritannien "Semaphore"). Schon beim Kauf eines Flugtickets, einer Schiffsfahrt oder einer Bahnfahrkarte werden die Reisedaten automatisch an das Zielland übermittelt und dort mit Datenbanken abgeglichen.
  • Siemens in München produziert Überwachungskameras und biometrische Erkennungsanlagen sowie TK-Überwachungssoftware ("MonitoringCenter"). Für den Münchener Technologiekonzern ist Überwachung eines der am schnellsten wachsenden Geschäftsfelder. Im letzten Geschäftsjahr (2006) legte der Umsatz des Unternehmens mit diesen Systemen um mehr als ein Fünftel auf eine Mrd. Euro zu.
  • Giesecke & Devrient in München produzieren Reisedokumente, ID-Karten, Gesundheitskarten und Führerscheine mit integriertem Chip, auf dem auch biometrische Daten gespeichert werden. G&D liefert auch Grenzkontrollsysteme. In January 2006, G&D created a third pillar, the Government Solutions business unit, which offers security solutions for governments and government agencies. Its range of products and services covers passport and visa systems, ID cards, security printing and brand protection, card-based health care systems, e-government solutions, and IT security.
  • Die Bundesdruckerei GmbH in Berlin produziert Personenidentifikation von der Ausstellung der ID-Dokumente bis zur Grenzkontrolle. Dabei setzt sie verstärkt auf neue Technologien im Bereich der Biometrie. 80 % des Umsatzes entfallen auf das ID-Dokumente- und Systemgeschäft.
  • byometric systems AG: Biometrie. Hat den Auftrag erhalten, am Frankfurter Flughafen ein Pilotverfahren für eine beschleunigte Grenzabfertigung per Iris-Kontrolle einzurichten. Aufsichtsrat war zeitweise Otto Schily.
  • EADS: Global Security provides solutions for Border Security, Maritime Security, Crisis and Emergency Response, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Protection of Population.
  • 3M: U.a. Kfz-Kennzeichenscanning.
  • MOBOTIX is a leading technological system provider of digital high-resolution, network-based video security systems. The company from Kaiserslautern in Germany sells its products via distributors and qualified sales partners in more than 70 countries through out the world. The cameras independently detect movements in recordings, form at the video streams, save them in a database and indicate the event by means of e-mail or VoIP telephone calls. Examples of applications for MOBOTIX camera systems are found at airports, railway stations, universities and logistics companies, in addition to the sector for remote support and automation.
  • SAP, Walldorf: Today, when people talk about public security they mean immigration, identity, borders, intelligence, policing, 1st responders, customs, and counter terrorism. The SAP for Defense and Security set of solutions covers risk and intelligence management, identity resolution, investigative case management, and command and control with resource deployment.
  • T-Systems: Special solutions for internal and external security assist in the work of civilian and military forces as well as in that of authorities and organizations performing security tasks. In addition, they facilitate overall coordination of all forces for mastering and preventing acute crises.
  • Bosch: The product range from Bosch Security Systems includes video surveillance systems with state-of-the-art IP-solutions, Access Control Systems, Intrusion Systems, Fire Detection and Evacuation Systems, Security Management Systems, Paging and Personal Security Systems, Public Address and Conference Systems, Professional Audio Systems as well as Care Solutions.
  • Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Berlin, produces and supplies identification documents and high-security cards, banknotes, postage stamps and revenue stamps in addition to electronic publications for the German and international markets. The company also offers secure systems solutions as well as identification and access-protection services.
  • Cross Match Technologies (Jena) is a leading global provider of high-quality interoperable biometric identity management equipment, applications and solutions. The company’s offerings consist of a wide range of biometric products and solutions, which are used to capture and process the unique physiological characteristics of individuals to establish and verify their identities. Our solutions offerings include fingerprint, palm scan and facial recognition systems, enterprise and application software, document readers, access control systems, dual iris scanners, and related services. Cross Match’s customers use the systems to conduct criminal bookings; perform background checks for job applicants; verify identities at borders and other checkpoints; register citizens for driver’s license and national identification and voter programs; prevent identity fraud in large-scale government and civilian programs; and control access to office buildings, government facilities and other secure areas.
  • empolis, Gütersloh: The empolis:Information Access Suite for security authorities is a modular, com-prehensive solution for managing and networking structured and unstructured in-formation. This unique software solution supports human judgement by means of artificial intelligence. empolis is an arvato AG subsidiary, an international media service company and part of Bertelsmann AG.
  • Frequentis is an international provider of communication and information systems for authorities and organisations responsible for public safety (police, fire brigades, ambulance services, also railways and the shipping industry), as well as for civil and military air traffic control. It comprises voice and data communication systems, mission control software, voice recording systems, mobile data solutions, call management and data management, as well as video surveillance systems.
  • IABG, Ottobrunn: Biometry-based security architectures.
  • rola Security Solutions GmbH, Oberhausen: The rola solutions are focused on case investigation and analysis in the combating of organised crime, terrorism and white-collar crime. The standard software package rsCASE® provides special support for networked case processing and offers numerous optional criminal investigation components (modules for telecommunications monitoring, evidence and court exhibit management, collection of evidence at the scenes of crimes, DNA evidence management, police reporting etc.). rola Security Solutions has an international network of partners and offers a range of partner products. In addition to i2 Ltd. in Great Britain (part of the ChoicePoint group in the USA), the market leader worldwide in the field of graphical criminal analysis, these include providers of geo-information systems (MapInfo, ArcView), statistics and data mining tools (InfoZoom), the automated translation tool from Language Weaver, USA, Face Explorer for biometric face recognition from L-1 Identity Solutions, USA, and the List & Label reporting tool for generating reports and forms. The range is rounded off by providers of tools for collating and processing unstructured data (Inxight, Xtramind). rola’s customers are primarily security authorities such as the German Federal Criminal Investigation Office, the German Federal Police, all State Criminal Investigation Offices, customs authorities and state and constitutional protection organisations. The rola solutions are also used in public authorities such as the Ministries of Finance, Defence and Consumer Protection. Internationally, six neighbouring European countries are working with rola applications. And the Security, Revision and Compliance departments of major companies such as DaimlerChrysler, Merck, Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, BMW and Airbus also rely on professional rola applications. With over 20,000 users rola Security Solutions is currently the market leader in Europe in the fields of investigation and analysis software and intelligence solutions.
  • World-Check consolidates and organises unstructured information from hundreds of thousands of sources into a database of highly structured profiles on people and entities known to be of high or heightened risk, such as terrorists, fraudsters, money launderers, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), perpetrators of organised crime, narcotics traffickers, arms dealers, sanctioned entities and many more categories.
  • WorldCompliance is the most respected open source intelligence solution for corporations and intelligence communities. In close to just a decade, its client list currently stands at just over 2,000 and spans 5 continents. Its solutions are being used to identify individuals and companies linked to over 20 different risk categories, including terrorism, narcotics, money laundering, fraud, and collateral crimes.
  • Carl Zeiss Optronics designs, develops and produces state-of-the-art optronic instruments for military and civilian applications. They are used to monitor, identify and classify, as well as for precise measurement, evaluation and targeting.
  • DAKO (Jena) develops intelligent Traffic Security Sytems for Road and Border Control. Machine Assisted Identity/Validity Confirmation on Travel Documents, ID-Cards and bank notes; Machine Assisted Control of Transportation sector according to AETR and Social Regulations of the European Union; Automated identification of vehicle license numbers with search query; distance-, speed- and section control.
  • ESG: For forty years, ESG has been developing, integrating and opera­ting electronic and IT systems for the military, public authorities and companies.
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS, Bonn) provides a visual, spatial means of displaying data, allowing law enforcement agencies to integrate and leverage their data for more informed decision making.
  • Human Inference is a European company and market leader in data quality software. This software guarantees and improves the quality of data and optimizes the communication and interaction between organizations and their relations. The software of Human Inference is used for profiling, contact efficiency, identification and enrichment of data.
  • Schönhofer Sales and Engineering GmbH, Siegburg: Information and evaluation systems, intelligence systems based on a broad spectrum of signal sources, systems for frequency monitoring.
  • Smiths Detection is part of the global technology business Smiths Group. It offers advanced integrated security solutions for customers in civil and military markets worldwide and is a leading technology developer and manufacturer of sensors that detect and identify explosives, chemical and biological agents, weapons, and contraband. Its advanced technology security solutions also include Smiths Heimann x-ray imaging systems, millimeter-wave technology and a specialist software supply business for the management of large sensor and video surveillance networks.
  • Funkwerk bietet Videoüberwachung an.
  • Panasonic System Solutions: Video-Gesichtserkennungssysteme
  • NEC Deutschland: Fingerabdrucksysteme (Quelle)
  • Quante Netzwerke GmbH in Hannover bietet Internetprovidern die technische Abwicklung von behördlichen Überwachungen an (www.quante-netzwerke.de).
  • Utimaco Safeware aus Oberursel ist spezialisiert auf die Umsetzung der Vorratsdatenspeicherung, und auf Überwachung (www.utimaco.de).
  • Datakom in Ismaning ist auf das Mitlauschen im Internet spezialisiert. (www.datakom.de)
  • Syborg in Saarpfalz-Park liefert Systeme zum Mitschneiden von Gesprächen zur amtlichen "Datenerhebung und Ausleitung". (www.syborg.de)
  • Digitask in Haiger entwickelt Abhörvorrichtungen für Polizei und Geheimdienste. (www.digitask.de)
  • Secunet in Eschborn: Jede Überwachungsanlage muss mit einer "Sinabox" der Firma ausgestattet sein, welche die Übertragung der abgehörten Kommunikation auf dem Weg zur Behörde verschlüsselt. (www.secunet.com/de)
  • Cisco vertreibt die "Service Control Engine" für Internetprovider. Sie ermöglicht eine "Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)", also eine genaue Untersuchung der Datenpakete bis zur Volltextsuche nach Begriffen. (www.cisco.com)
  • Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) ist international erfolgreich mit Überwachungstechnik. Das Unternehmen hat 2008 ein Aufzeichnungssystem für Handygespräche in den Iran geliefert. (www.trovicor.com)
  • Elaman, München warb als Hauptsponsor auf der größten jährlichen Überwachungsmesse in Dubai und vertreibt Trojanerprogramme der britischen Gamma International Ltd. (z.B. Finfisher-Software für "Fernüberwachungen und Infizierungen")
  • ATIS Uher
  • Ipoque
  • Trovicor (Deutschland): TK-Überwachung
  • Die Dreamlab Technologies AG (Bern) hat zusammen mit Gamma International GmbH Computerspionagewerkzeuge an Staaten wie Ägypen und Turkmenistan geliefert.
  • Die Utimaco Safeware AG aus München lieferte Überwachungssoftware nach Syrien.
  • Narus: Das ehemals israelische Unternehmen Narus stellt Systeme zur Telekommunikationsauswertung in Echtzeit her, die u.a. vom US-amerikanischen Geheimdienst NSA eingesetzt werden. Es soll der weltweit größte Hersteller von Überwachungstechnik sein.
  • Glimmerglass: Das US-Unternehmen Glimmerglass stellt Technologie her, mit der sich internationale Glasfaserkabel in Echtzeit abzweigen und überwachen lassen.
  • SS8: Abhörschnittstellen
  • Aqsacom: TK-Überwachung
  • GTEN: TK-Überwachung
  • Utimaco Safeware: TK-Überwachung
  • Amesys (Frankreich): Internetüberwachung
  • Blue Coat (USA): Internetfilterung und -überwachung
  • Gamma International (Großbritannien): Spyware Finfisher
  • Hacking Team (Italien): Trojaner zur Aushebelung von Verschlüsselung

Nach Angaben des Branchenverbands ZVEI ist das Geschäft mit Systemen für die Zugangskontrolle in Deutschland im Jahr 2005 um rund fünf Prozent gewachsen. Die Videotechnik legte um knapp vier Prozent zu. Der Markt ist weltweit extrem zersplittert. Die zehn bedeutendsten Anbieter kommen lediglich auf 25 Prozent Marktanteil. Zu den größten Anbietern zählen die US-Konzerne Tyco, Honeywell, United Technologies sowie General Electric. In Europa sind vor allem Bosch und Thales aktiv. Siemens hält zwei Prozent Marktanteil. Quelle

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Handelsblatt: Wer mit der Angst der Menschen Profit macht (23.07.2010)

Linke: Exporte von Trojanerprogrammen und anderen Schnüffelwerkzeugen einstellen! (13.10.2011)

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